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Selling cards

Hello !

My attention was called upon by a spot on the cluster system today about C91VM and his QSL demands. See by yourself at qrz.com for that call.

For years I have modestly been trying to fight this trend of selling cards one way or the other, but this time, enough is enough.

Several times, both IOTA and DXCC people have told me that they could not do anything against it. WRONG : When there is a will…

It is very simple to say : XXyXX’s QSLing practices have proven against the ethics of ham radio, and his operation is disqualified from our program.

How can one DEMAND 5 USD for a card, even under the background of a humanitarian operation ?

I can speak about this as I was working for the UNHCR in Rwanda and Zaire back in 1994/1995, and did some operating while there on duty, operating 9X5DX then 9Q5EXV. So tell me about humanitarian operations ! I risked my life there : I was there when the genocide happened in Rwanda, I was caught under shelling for several days, and so on. But that is not the point.

I have no objection if any ham radio operation advertises for a humanitarian cause or suggests that a donation is welcome. I have a BIG problem when QQSLing is linked to a compulsory donation, whichever amount is demanded. There is no other name to this than “selling a card”.

By definition included in the rules of both the IOTA program and the DXCC program, this practice is UNETHICAL and MUST void the validity of the operation for these respective awards.

Sorry, but “sorry we cannot do anything” is no longer an excuse.

Cowardness to face this issue is leading to more and more QSL business, that a true operator must condemn strongly.

No more time for words, time for action. INTEGRITY is at stake !

73 de F6EXV


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