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Real hamspirit : HK3W

Hello !

It may look like my posts are pure complaints, but they do not make me forget the good sides of hamradio, on the contrary…. Here is why…

One of my previous posts brought me in contact with a fellow ham operator and great DXer in Colombia, first by email, then through Skype, and we chatted on several DX-related subjects. Among what we discussed was the QSLing, and I happened to mention that I still needed HK on 30m, as a previous contact with Colombia brought no card, and no way to get one.

Immediately, Francisco offered a sked and a promise to not only upload the contact to LoTW, but also send me a card via the postal system. The best thing to mention was that he had to drive about 45 km though the city jams to reach his station. Off he went, the timing was right in terms of propagation… though CW is not his favourite mode, he made the extra extra effort to work me on CW. Nice and clean signal… QSO uploaded to LoTW in a matter of a few minutes, and card in the mail in the next few days….

If this is not “going out of one’s way” to please a friend, then I do not know what it is !

This true ham radio operator is HK3W, Francisco, or Siso as his friends call him. I am glad I met a new friend, and I hope I can reciprocate the favour one of these days. If you hear him on the air, please give him a call, he is a real gentleman.

So there are still many nice people around, do not loose your spirits and hopes regardinh ham radio !

73 de F6EXV


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