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Call upon DX foundations, clubs and groups

Hello !

How about DX foundations, clubs and groups sponsoring DXpeditions making QSLing via bureau a MANDATORY option in order to help financing ?

In other words, a DXpedition will get financial support from them only if they commit themselves to reply to bureau card requests ?

This is already one pre-condition imposed upon by the Clipperton DX Club. When are all other clubs going to implement that too ?

73 de Paul F6EXV


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Money and ham radio

Hello !

As a frequent reader of DX World of Ham Radio page, I was reading the web page of the XR0ZN upcoming DXpedition, and was devastated by the content.

That page (http://www.la6fja.eu/dx/XR0ZN/) is a disgrace to ham spirit as it talks money while it is not even mentioning the anticipated operating frequencies. How can a real ham plan a DXpedition with just money in mind ?

I know by personal experience that DXpeditioning is expensive but :

1/ If I cannot afford to go places, I just do not go

2/ If I can find sponsors, that is great, but  many people would love to travel for free

3/ Ham spirit includes the confirmation of QSO by paper card, considering not everyone has internet access, and less so are participating in the LoTW program. I remember the days when I was a beginner DXer. I was a student and could not afford to QSL direct a lot, even for expensive DXpeditions that gave me new countries. My choice was quick card direct, or slower card via bureau.

Nowadays, look at all the operations that will not provide bureau confirmations. To just name a few of the recent ones : all the HVs, all the 1A, 9L0W, ZA0/Is, SX5P, the Spanish guys on FJ, the upcoming expedition to Mogador Island, and so on.

Maybe the IARU member societies are partly responsible for that situation, as they will not forward the cards for people that are not members. One question is : If I (member of my national society) go some place, I am still a member, and the QSOs I make while on DXpedition could have been made from home. So membership should apply to an individual, not to a callsign. It is a different situation if I manage someone else.

Let us imagine a ham friend of mine operates from Djibouti and asks me to take care of his cards. I would find it absolutely normal that he should be a member so he can use the services provided to HIS benefit. In fact, the REF works that way :

The cards for my operation (along with JR2KDN) as TO5FJ could be dealt with by the REF bureau, while cards for 5V7BR can be sent and received via the REF bureau through his manager (F2VX)provided he (5V7BR) is a member.

I am told that the ARI or the JARL will only provide the QSL bureau services to their members and their single main callsign. I do not know if this is correct. Some managers are not even member of their own national society (RW6HS comes to mind, but there are plenty others)… Why are they managers ?

I feel really sad to see the growing influence of money into the hobby. Aren’t people forgetting they once were beginners ?

When will ARRL as one of the leading participant on the DX scene (obviously because of the DXCC program) SET AND IMPLEMENT rules to fight this growing influence of money ? Is giving priority QSL for the “payers” in the true ham spirit ?

Sponsorship should be an option, a choice, not an obligation.



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