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European discipline


The K5D expedition was once again a great moment for European discipline on the bands, especially (but not only) on 40m.

No wonder many foreign DXpeditioners are really avoiding European pile-ups… Having been on the other side of the pile ups myself, there is nothing as frustrating as spending more than half the operating time trying to shut up out-of-turn callers in order to copy a callsign which got partially through.

Some may think it is a language problem : NO WAY ! Even if you do not speak 2 words of English, when you hear “ALPHA BRAVO, come again”, and your call does not have AB in it, you will understand that the DX is not coming back to you, so you should just QRX until that QSO is completed.

When will European operators understand that discipline ensures more QSO ???

DX : the alpha bravo, 59


DX : The AB only, come again


DX : The AB ooooonly, come again

EU : DJ4.., OK2VVV, AB, HB9XYZ, …

DX : The AB AB AB only only AB, GA

EU : DJ4AB DJ4AB, DJ4AB ur 59

DX : DJ4AB ur 59 QSL ?




Try to figure out how much time was wasted ? Try to figure out how many more QSOs could have been worked in this time frame if things happened like this :

DX : the Alpha Bravo, ur 59

EU : DJ4AB DJ4AB ur 59


Whether this is in CW or phone, same situation….. Yes, there are some cheap licenses in several European countries, with no code requirements. For sure this was an alleged selection for supposedly better operators. This is partly true, as the discipline situation did happen before. But instead of moaning about cheap licenses, let the “old timers” educate the newcomers instead of fighting them. But this education does not have to be done with insults on the DX’s frequency ! Join your national society, join your local club, publish articles about operating properly and ensure all newcomers read them, and more important, understand them !

We all favour more hams, so let’s fight for more better operators.



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  1. Hello Paul,

    How many times have we heard about this problem ?
    You’re right about education, may be DXers should record parts of their pile ups to “educate” everybody calling, not only newcomers !

    73 F5RAB Antoine

    Comment by F5RAB Antoine | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hello Paul….
    I agree to 100% to your comments about cluster. I`m very glad I have worked all DXCC-entities and nowdays I can sit back an relax and listen to the “mess”.
    The problem is the cluster, I think… After an annoncement of a dx it takes only 30 secounds so are the whole world there including all “policemen(women) and tuners”. Back in the 70-80s (I´m old!!) I have only our local VHF-FM station to talk to dx-hunters in my town. (No policemen, no tuners, no say idiot. or go to hell aso)
    As Antoine(F5RAB) say,educate!! Nowdays nobody must learn CW !! Many of the CW-er is using the computer, and they call and call and they dont know what they are transmitting…
    And a word many must learn is LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN BEFORE TRANSMITTING….
    73S de Ben SM3DXC and see you in the pile-up (without police)

    Comment by Ben | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Slt Paul,

    Well said sir and I wish more operators thought along your lines but alas they do NOT.
    As Ben (SM3DXC) stated — listen, listen before transmitting.
    Surely it’s the simplest of tasks but one that, alas, many of our fellow hams are not interested in doing …. what can one say!!!!

    Comment by Martyn-MM3XXW | March 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. Sorry I meant to say on the same subject that according to my log I made contact with K5D on 25/02/09 at 10:39hrs and was thanked by the operator but according to the on-line log-check I am NOT in the log.
    As you know the QRM caused by ‘well-wishers’ was astronomical and now I’ll have to send my query to the team.
    A perfect example of your point, of course maybe I was the wrong one but I think not!

    Comment by Martyn-MM3XXW | March 2, 2009 | Reply

  5. DX-operator is only responsible for pile-up behavior! Good DX operator should copy a call completely! When he ask a IK5 or AB only, he tells others his listening freq. And everybody begins to call! Strong pile-up? use large split!
    up 5-30 Khz (on ssb) and answer a station only when you have copy complete call! Others methods – buy numbers, areas ect – poor effect.

    Comment by Tim | March 5, 2009 | Reply

  6. Yes you say wise things, but when the cluster indicates the DX station, everything is forgotten…

    Comment by Sil i4zsq | March 14, 2009 | Reply

  7. The DX definitely must manage the pile-ups in this case. By this, I mean that if he says “the AB only…” and then replies to a LID without AB in his call, he has caused his own mess.

    When I hear the DX respond with a partial call I really get annoyed if he doesn’t follow through by pursuing just that call. I know it’s tough, but if he doesn’t do that, he helps to create a mess.

    Pat N0HR

    Comment by adaptds | April 15, 2009 | Reply

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